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LEO COO Interview


Cell One changes name to leo… Watch video to hear more about what the Chief Commercial Officer of leo had to say…

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Trustco Group Holdings


Trustco is a multi-faceted public Company, with an original Namibian flair. The Company’s innovative business model and adoption of...

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Trustco Mobile

Trustco Mobile is surely an innovation in mobile telephony!

“Only 5% to 6% of Africa’s over 800 million people have [any form of] insurance.” – Vijay Kalavakonda (World Bank, March 2009). This took traditional insurers over 100 years to achieve. Over 62% of Africa’s population have access to mobile telephony.- (GSMA Africa Mobile Observatory, Sept 2011) This access was achieved in a mere 15 years. Using innovative mobile technology Trustco Mobile bridges this gap by offering insurance services on a mobile platform. Trustco Mobile enables Africans to prepare for the unexpected and care for the future needs of their loved ones.

Trustco Mobile now brings FREE Life or Funeral Cover to the people. This exciting new product is available in a number of countries across the continent and is being implemented in Africa and beyond – changing the face of insurance forever.

Trustco Group International is once again at the forefront of innovative technology with this business venture. The group has taken another bold and groundbreaking step towards growing and strengthening its core business, whilst opening up other avenues for growth.

""Approximately 1 billion people live in Africa, of which an estimated 60% live below USD 2 per day. These low-income households are particularly vulnerable to risks. Illness, death, natural disasters, damage to property and accidents all can have devastating effects on livelihoods without a buffer to mitigate the financial impact." International Labour Organization"

ILOInternational Labour Organization

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